Every year, VELUX FONDEN supports eye research with DKK 13m.

Our senses are challenged with age, and nearly all of us experience gradual vision impairment. We become far-sighted, develop night-blindness, cataract or glaucoma.

Since 1981, VELUX FONDEN has granted funds for a wide range of eye research projects, covering a spectrum from basic laboratory research and epidemiological studies to clinical trials. We still endeavour to ensure a wide funding practice and support eye research with grants of DKK 13m each year.

The objective is to support clinically relevant, high-quality eye research, which can thus benefit patients.

We prioritise applications that address major eye diseases which cause significant loss of vision or blindness. In particular, we encourage applications for multidisciplinary research projects that contribute to creation and support of mobility and synergy between research groups in Denmark or internationally.

Contact us if you have an idea for an interdisciplinary eye research project affiliated with an ophthalmological department.

Our next application deadline for large-scale eye research projects is Tuesday,  2 November 2021.

Scholarship for young eye researchers

VELUX FONDEN offers a number of scholarships for young eye researchers. The scholarships are targeted at medical students who can use it during a research year at one of the Danish universities’ faculties of medicine or at the hospitals’ ophthalmological departments.

The main theme of the scholar project must be promising eye research and projects driven by a high relevance to eye research. Both basic research and clinical projects can be considered under this theme, and interdisciplinary projects can also apply for funding.

The scholar project may be a continuation of the student’s Master’s thesis.

Application deadline: 21 april 2022 at 13.00

Read the current notice and application requirements


VELUX FONDEN supports projects that are anchored in ophthalmological departments in Denmark and where collaboration is conducted with other Danish or international research teams. With support for large-scale projects, VELUX FONDEN wants to promote projects that support the individual department’s research strategy.

Applications can be submitted for a maximum grant of DKK 4m for independent projects or defined parts of large-scale research projects.

The applicant must be attached to an ophthalmological department.

VELUX FONDEN strives to ensure a funding practice based on diversity that prioritises epidemiological and clinical research as well as laboratory research. Basic scientific laboratory research should have a clear clinical objective (possibly long-term).

We are always available for an in-depth discussion of a potential project. So feel free to contact us before submitting an application.

Supported projects:

Through the years, VELUX FONDEN has made grants to a broad range of ophthalmology projects, including basic lab research, epidemiological studies and clinical studies.

Medical students try out their aptitude for basic research

Multi-centre projects to advance Danish ophtalmology

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