Experienced organisations focus on senior citizens with impaired vision

With grants under VELUX FONDENS’s anniversary project ‘Senior citizens with impaired vision’, Danish People’s Aid, the Danish senior citizen organisation Professional Seniors and the Danish Committee for Health Education will generate new knowledge and networks to promote an active life for senior citizens when impaired vision changes their everyday life.

These organisations have strong networks and communication competences that are engaged by grants under VELUX FONDEN’s anniversary project Senior citizens with impaired vision. Danish People’s Aid and Professional Seniors will collaborate to create visibility about the challenges of senior citizens and give them the opportunity to continue living active and independent lives despite having impaired vision. The organisations will also educate our society on how to prevent impaired vision in senior citizens and help those affected.

The Danish Committee for Health Education will use the grant to establish a digital portal to disseminate knowledge about impaired vision and provide senior citizens with tools to compensate for this.

“Senior citizens with impaired vision are an overlooked group and many find it difficult to reclaim both the joy of life and an active life when their vision begins to fail. With a strong foundation among senior citizens and extensive experience in reaching and including socially disadvantaged groups, the three organisations can use new knowledge, communication and networks to guide senior citizens out of isolation and into communities and equal participation in society,” says Ane Hendriksen, Executive Director of VELUX FONDEN.

Unites competences

For Klaus Nørlem, Secretary General of Danish People’s Aid, the grant offers the opportunity to combine competences and create new knowledge about and for senior citizens with impaired vision:

“Together with the Professional Seniors organisation, Danish People’s Aid is looking forward to collaborating with VELUX FONDEN on senior citizens with impaired vision which is a joint and important area of action. Together, we will join our competences to inform about the challenges that come with impaired vision, the help available to the affected senior citizens and develop new methods enabling visually impaired persons to form new relations.”

Senior citizens with impaired vision is a widespread and overlooked problem that calls for efforts in detection, treatment, social initiatives and communities.

With the anniversary project ‘Senior citizens with impaired vision’, VELUX FONDEN wants to support projects that using knowledge and change enable senior citizens with impaired vision to continue to be active participants in society.

Read more about the anniversary project here.

Vibeke Lybecker
Senior Adviser, Head of programme, VELUX FONDEN
+45 23 80 69 80