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Pioneer centre will conduct world-class artificial intelligence research focusing on societal challenges, people and design.
Spin-outs Denmark aims to encourage research environments in Denmark’s eight universities to start up more businesses. VILLUM FONDEN has donated DKK 75 million to this ambitious project.
Children, youth and adults in socially disadvantaged positions are particularly hard hit by COVID-19 having restricted social communities. Eight projects will show new digital paths in social initiatives. From digital family workshops to e-sports for children and youth with physical disabilities.
In addition to the familiar YIP grants, the Villum Young Investigator Programme has from 2021 been supplemented with YIP extension grants aka. YIP+. The grant is meant to secure a steady research career for the most talented YIP’s. See the first five grantees.
Ingenuity, commitment, excellence - meet some of the many enthusiasts who, with funding from the foundations, help make a difference in the grant areas - environment, research, social initiatives, children and young people's digital education, culture and society, and active senior citizens.
This year, VILLUM FONDEN is awarding a total of DKK 126 million to 19 particularly talented young researchers in the technical and natural sciences. Their research areas are very wide-ranging – from the formation of the universe’s first structures to sustainable production using microalgae.

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