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Although solutions to major challenges usually require cross-disciplinary collaboration, researchers seldom cross disciplinary boundaries in their research. The Synergy programme, however, allows for that.
New report provides schools' science education with insights to seize and build upon the knowledge and interest that students bring from home.
Towards 2025, Villum Fonden and Realdania will support BUILD in the further development of the method and data behind the research-based and free calculator LCAbyg as well as the work to future-proof and anchor lifecycle analyses in the industry during a transitional period.
While many people have no doubt seen Harry Potter's glasses repaired with the words ‘Oculus Reparo’, few would believe that glasses can actually heal themselves. This is something one of Villum Fonden’s 50 new grantees hopes to change.
Danish STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) research environments are facing challenges relating to gender diversity. A new anthropological study examines these challenges and points to new ways of strengthening diversity in Danish STEM research environments.
Universities and university colleges are joining forces to develop an academic platform for digital technology literacy as a general subject in primary and secondary education. The new knowledge centre for digital technology literacy is being realised with funding of DKK 50 million.

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